Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I haven't been talking much, but I have been busy. I've been spinning a bit each night to get these singles done and ready for plying this weekend.

That's the second half of the superwash I special ordered from Heather at Sereknity. I can't wait to see how it looks plied! The green came out so nice I'm sure this will be excellent. Then I suppose I need to decide what, exactly, I'm going to knit out of it. It's for my friend Amanda's baby, if you remember that far back. I'm thinking a little dress with a frill on the edges. I'll have to measure all this yarn to be sure.

I have also... knit a PAIR of socks! (Sara?... Sara?... Get up Sara! You fainted!)

These are the An American in China socks done with Spunky Eclectic Beefy Sock in "Good Morning". Tim wanted this yarn the minute he saw it... not what I'd think of for "man socks", but what the heck do I know? ;-) They came out great and he loves them.

I'm even thinking about knitting more socks...

In the meantime, back to the endless knitting of the hem on the entrelac sweater. I'm relatively optimistic that I'll have an FO post of that by the end of this weekend. Then my needles, and my bobbins, will ALL BE NAKED!

Sunday I may have to drag all the stash out into the middle of the living room floor and see what calls to me, althought I already have an idea - Vivian in a lovely blue Peace Fleece, and Rivendell Sock in some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino I have hidden away ... although I do have two other sweaters and a vest calling to me pretty loudly from my Ravelry queue, so we'll see. It will probably come down to which yarn I feel like knitting with first - Brown Sheep Lambs Pride in Roasted Coffee, Peace Fleece in Volgasippi Blue, Cashmerino in Lilac, or Peace Fleece in Sakhalin Salmon! Mmmmm... red yarn!....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Did I say "February" first??

So I bet you're wondering how I did with that February first deadline.

yeah, see... here's the thing...

I got all the pieces done, seamed during the day on Saturday, and knit both cuffs. I was terribly proud of myself and decided to try it on The Mister before going ahead with the collar and the hem.


I may have overestimated the length of his arms just a wee bit. :-( I've got about 3" too much. And there's no way to fix it without completely frogging both arms since the entrelac bit is knit in one direction and the rest of the arm in the other. And the built-in seaming. So I stood there, staring in disbelief at these horrible gorilla arms on this giant time-suck of a sweater. Unfortunately, I have a glass face - whatever I'm thinking tends to telegraph instantly - The Mister took one look at me and began the most endearing verbal contortions to convince me that not only were the arms not too long, they were completely perfect.


It took him a good half a day to talk me down from throwing the whole thing into Time Out, but he eventually succeeded and I carried on valiantly, picking up stitches and knitting the collar. I even used a kitchener bind off on all the ribbing. It looks a treat... as long as you don't hold it up and see those huge, dangly arms.

Now, I'm pretty sure that with the addition of the 4" of hem ribbing he wants (?!) it won't look half as bad, and he's convinced me that he really does like the arms extra long after spending his whole life wearing unintentionally 3/4 length sleeves, so I'm going to put on my rose colored glasses and carry on like nothing's wrong.

Even though I know in my knitterly heart that it is.

Such is love, eh? <3

The good news is that I started on the second of his American in China socks and I'm halfway up the foot. Yes, I may actually knit a pair of socks.

I know, right? ;-)