Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Success! One down...

A head cold and a clean living room enticed me to give myself the day off Monday to sit in my pajamas, drink tea, watch really bad movies (Battlefield Earth, anyone?) and finally sit down to seam Lizard Ridge. With the distraction of the movies and the peace and quiet in the house I was able to finish the whole thing in one day.

Now not only is my beautiful blanket finally done...

 works! lol!!

I decided not to do any edging at all at the present. I tried the i-cord and hated it. I tried single crochet and hated that too. So, since everyone likes it fine the way it is, edge-less it shall stay. For now, anyways.

The Boy's Cambridge Jacket is happily blocking on the dining room table, and I've picked up the stitches down the side of the first sleeve for Mr. Tim's Uber Cool Sweater. I'm still not sure about the instructions for the decreases, but I'm going to carry on, follow the instructions, and see what happens. Should be interesting.

And finally, a late holiday gift from Miss Kath -

Aren't they adorable? I totally love these. They're by ScaryMerry, handmade out of clay. Think there could be some significance to the black sheep in the bunch? ;-) heh heh.


Annie said...

that is one powerful blanket! i had to grin.... i'd knit one (i actually have one started), but i really dislike short rows. so good job!!!

Tina M. said...

I am awed and impressed with your fortitude. I keep imagining doing a huge blanket like that and I get shaky just thinking about it. Congratulations on a job well done. :) Have you considered a simple whipstitch edging? Especially if it were in the same yarn the color changes would be fun.

orion36 said...

That is one beautiful blanket. The colors are just luscious.
If it were mine, I'd keep myself wrapped up in it all winter.