Friday, April 18, 2008

EZ, how I love thee!

I have been totally obsessed with the Baby Surprise jacket. I can't put it down. I think about it at work. I dream about it at night. It's this fascinating puzzle. You follow the directions, with the uneasy feeling that somehow you must be going astray because this... this... thing could never become a sweater. No way. Not possible.

And then...

Huh. Ole' EZ does apparently know precisely what she is doing.

You'll notice that the needles are still involved. Well I had been concerned right along that I may not actually have enough yarn to finish and, lo and behold, I was correct. I am literally about 6 yards away from having enough yarn. *sigh* Thank the Yarn God(desse)s for Ravelry - I have contacted two people there who have knit with the same colorway and I'm optimistic that someone has a scrap of leftovers I can beg.

Even in it's incomplete state it's a pretty impressive magic trick. I tried it on The Mister first thing this morning and he was totally enchanted as that messy blob of something magically becomes a seriously cute little baby sweater.

Probably helped that it's for his first grandchild. ;-)

The other thing that's been obsessing me is swapping yarn on Ravelry. It's addicting. It's enabling. I love it.

I've gotten rid of some lovely yarns that I just simply would never used, and they've beeen magically replaced, with no outlay of cash mind you, with equally lovely yarn that has a future as a baby sweater, or a summer top, or a sweater... all sorts of things! I have an outstanding swap now that clears my stash of random skeins of Shine and replaces it with enough Filatura Di Crosa Baby to make another baby sweater. Pure magic!

Speaking of which, spring has apparently decided to arrive today and there is a fire in the backyard that I'm late for. So get off the computer and go take a walk. It's gorgeous out there!!

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