Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knitting like a crazy person

First, the FOs:

Lori's Comfort Afghan Square

Lori is a fellow Raveler who is facing a tragedy that I have a hard time even comprehending. Her husband was killed recently in a car accident and she's left with three little ones. The story broke my heart, seeing as The Mister and I are coming up on our one year anniversary. I just can't imagine what she must be going through. So being knitters, a bunch of us got together and are knitting her a comfort blanket. I plied the third skein of yarn I ever spun and made her this square. It's superwash wool from Sereknity in the colorway Fields of Summer. I just did a simple double moss stitch, but I think it shows off the yarn very well. It reminds me of a waterfall and I hope she finds it soothing. Lord knows she could use some comfort...

Annie's Surprise Knit it Forward

Annie's surprise is finally finished after some minor drama with running out of yarn - twice! But the mods turned out well and I'm quite pleased with the result. It's two skeins of alpaca yarn from Clark Hill Farm that I purchased long ago when I first started knitting. I won't post the photo here, because it's just gone into the mail to her, but if you click HERE, you can see the photo on Flickr.

Trevor's Baby Surprise Jacket

This was SUCH A BLAST to knit! It's like a magic trick and it tickles me every time. It's done in Araucania Nature Wool in Multy with a border of Ella Rae in tan. No buttons yet, as I don't really believe in babies+buttons. Maybe toggles will work better. A quick tea dyeing this weekend and this puppy is done!

Now for the WIPs

The Mister's American in China Socks

These are going along really well. The pattern is so cool with this yarn, and he just loves them. I had to do the heel flap twice to get it right, but I finally read the instructions thoroughly (ha ha) and it came out great. I should be turning the heel this evening and I'm optimistic that I can have the first sock done over this weekend.

Evie's Sweater

My co-worker Amanda is terribly yarn- and knitter-friendly, so I offered to knit her a Baby Surprise sweater for her impending little one. I took her to the yarn store to get a better idea of what colors she wanted (she has synthesesia, so I wanted to be sure I got it right!) and while my back was turned she bought two skeins of Araucania in a really pretty Multy of peach, pink, spring green and light teal for me to knit the sweater out of! How cool is that? Of course I cast on immediately, but I won't bore you with photos of 4 rows of garter stitch!

With a little more conversation I eventually figured out exactly which colors in the skein were working for her and contacted Heather to order some superwash roving in just those shades. The Baby Surprise sweater will be for the shower, but I have another secret plan for a pretty ruffled jumper in peach with green trim made out of my own handspun. She's one of the few people I know who will really appreciate it.

Now for the yarn:

I have been unable to stop adding to the stash. If it's not a sale through a Ravelry advertiser, then it's more yarn swapping with fellow Ravelers. I swear that place is just a den of temptation! ;-) I think I'm on the short road to being a Yarn Hoarder. Open a drawer - yarn. Open a closet - yarn. Pretty much yarn everywhere you look. I confess it may actually be getting out of hand. Just today The Mister likened me to a crazy cat lady. But I know he meant it with love...

New swap yarn for baby things:

New Little Knits yarn for a felting test:

It's very subtle but there are long color changes of varying shades of blue and blue/green. I want to make a Lizard Ridge-type block out of it, then felt it and see if that would make a good winter baby quilt for Trevor. If it works, I'll go back for more.

New Little Knits yarn just because:

Sue the Yarn Temptress recently reviewed this yarn on her blog and I fell instantly in love. It's called Yummy and they are not kidding, it is completely delicious. I had to have a skein to try, so here it is. And it's everything she said it was. And more. Squishalicious!

Thanks Sue. Keep 'em coming. There's still room in the kitchen. ;-)


The Gadabout Knitter said...

Wow you've been busy!! How do you like the American in China pattern? I've been debating knitting that one soon.

Linda said...

I really like the pattern so far. The heel is a little weird because you're doing the linen stitch at the same time. I may have to go back and tidy it up in a few spots when I'm done. But other than that it's been an interesting knit.