Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Now you see it...now you don't!

Last night was a biggie for me. After 23 years I finally got my hair cut. Short. Good and short. We weighed the ponytail and it was almost half a pound. Yeah, no wonder my neck hurts. ;-)

Here's the new "do"...

Who knew my hair was wavy??

It's not the butch "do" that I dream of, but we're getting there. Gotta ease The Mister into it gradually doncha know. ;-) Maybe start watching more Grace Jones movies or something...

In honor of my freedom, I give you:

Ten Things I will NOT miss about having Very Long Hair:
  1. Drunks. They get to a certain level of inebriation and decide it's okay to stumble over and stroke my hair. Revolting.
  2. Locks of Love. While I have nothing against the organization and think they do A Very Good Thing, I am sick to death of people telling me that what I should do is cut my hair and donate it, as though having long hair is somehow selfish. It's damned annoying. Was damned annoying.
  3. Stupid questions. "How long does it take you to wash/dry/brush your hair?" Well meaning, but dumb and damned annoying. Usually comes right before they start with #2.
  4. Tucking my hair into my pants when leaving the rest room.
  5. Shutting it in the car door.
  6. worse - Having the seatbelt retracty thingy snag my hair along with the seatbelt.
  7. Having to wake up the husband and the cat so I can roll over in the middle of the night. "Alright, everybody OFF!"
  8. "Fuck hair". You know what I'm talking about...
  9. Having the massage therapist step on your hair mid-session.
  10. Cleaning the beater bar on the vacuum cleaner with a scissors. Every time you use it.


Pumpkinmama said...

Looks awesome!!

The Gadabout Knitter said...

I LIKE IT! Yay for short hair! :D

Tina M. said...

Holy cow! You look fabulous!

Siercia said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

awaesome, but sorry you didn't make it to knitting to show it off!
I agree 100% with the list. Locks of Love EXTREMELY ANNOYING! I suggested to a co-worker who made this her mission to inform me of how "nice" it would be for me to get a haircut.. perhaps SHE should grow HER hair out to donate. She stopped nagging.
I do have to add old ladies like to touch my hair, not so much drunks. It must be the company i keep.
:)Sara(blogless me)

farm-witch said...

Heh! I thought I was being brave to trim the 6 or so inches from my waist length hair. Of course, my hair is also in possession of the sort of body that made Dianna Ross famous so shorter than that and I start to look like a bitter, brunette sort of Annie.

Moving on - your list is so rich in the reality of it all. If another person strokes my head, I may have to spend a night in jail. If another person tries to guilt me into selling my hair, I may have to seek counseling for my 'rage' issue. I'm telling you, I understand the way they peer into your already prone to guilt soul and suck the life force right out so you feel ashamed of the hair that the hubster keeps rolling over on in the night but wimpers like a whipped kitten if you mention cutting it. I only add one thing to the list - is is awfully humiliating when you are spinning along blissfully an you begin screaming at the yanking of your hair and realize...duh, you've spun it into your yarn! Moments of such brilliance are hard to capture and even harder to live down!

Annie said...

here's the first thing for your new list:

1. do you know that since you cut your hair off you look EXACTLY like ______.

:) actually.. you look liberated.