Monday, May 19, 2008

Pattern obsession

We've all done it. A pattern gets into your head and it just won't leave you alone until you cast on for it. It doesn't matter that you have a dozen other projects on the needles or that you'd planned to start "x" next... it won't go away. It

So meet Spring Vines, aka Mango Vines. I spotted this on Ravelry a little bit ago, threw it into my ample queue, and mostly forgot about it. Then it turned up as a pdf you could purchase and download through Ravelry, so I threw it into my shopping cart and sort of forgot about it.

Until this morning.

You know, when knitting mojo hits, it hits hard.

I thought about that pattern first thing this morning while I was having morning coffee with The Mister, bought it as soon as I got to work, printed out the pattern, and swatched at lunchtime.

Oooo it's going to be luscious!

I really absolutely positively cannot buy any more yarn (Oh yeah, except that SeaSilk that's on order from Little Knits. .. and that roving I've been talking to Heather about...) so I did a little stash diving and came up with some Cashsoft DK in a light orange color that we're going to call Mango. The pattern calls for 23 stitches x 30 rows on US4 in a DK yarn. So far I'm getting 23 stitches on US6 with this DK yarn. I'll finish the swatch tonight and see what I get.

[As a side note, why do we bother with words like DK, Sport, or Aran to describe yarn? I can pull out of my own stash at least four separate "DK" yarns and I guarantee you that The Mister, who is not in the least yarn savvy, could easily note that no two of them are even remotely the same thickness. I'm just sayin'...]

So in between the unfinished pair of socks (the latest one, not those ones that have been lying around since last year), two baby projects, and my poor neglected Bee Fields Shawl, now I've got this. And I was so ready to re-start Joan's Racer Back Tank... or was I going to cast on for Falling Nights with that pretty red Happy Hooves yarn I got?... Maybe it was the Rivendell Sock I have in my basket... or that super cute lobster by Molly Lincoln....?



yarnophiliac said...

That is some sexy little vest, isn't it? btw -- I'll be working on the roving this week!

See Kay said...

That pattern is HOTT! Boobaliscious even. I think I need to make one too. I hope I can find some yarn at Webs or Cumminton next weekend.

Are you going? To Mass S&W? We're having a meetup of people from Tina's WOOL group if you are, let us know.

Linda said...

I am going to try to get to Mass Sheep and Wool. I'm on a painful yarn diet, but I do want to wander about and say HI to everyone. ;-)