Monday, July 21, 2008

Brought to you by the letter S

Since I had the whole day Sunday to myself, and a crappy rainy thundery day at that, I decided to make the best of it and get a bunch of knitterly chores done.
  • I Swatched for The Mister's Uber Cool Sweater in Jojoland Rhythm:

I'm getting gauge but I'm not thrilled with how it looks. So, since the sweater is built pretty modularly to begin with, I think I'll use the instructions for Allison LoCicero's Entrelac Scarf instead, then just wing it until I end up with something that's the right size and shape. See how cocky I've become since Spring Vines? ;-)
  • I Swatched for my Katherine Hepburn Cardigan in Debbie Bliss Cathay (once in US 5 which wasn't even close, and now in US 4)

I think I'm happy with this, too. I thought my gauge was off but after washing in cold and *horrors!* drying in the dryer, I find I'm right on target! Huzzah! Im also in the process of ordering some fabulous lime green handmade glass buttons from Thistle Hill Glass. Her stuff is brilliant - check it out!
  • And in between, there was Spinning.
I finally, FINALLY got the next to last bump of Apple Butter spun and plied. Side note: in an emergency, it is possible to McGyver a drive band out of leftover Linen Isle yarn and a cake of bees wax. Also side note: do not, DO NOT, under any circumstance, attempt to transfer your enormous spool of yarn from the wheel onto the swift while watching a movie. I didn't take any photos of the train wreck that ensued because it was just too traumatic, but the swift wasn't adjusted tightly enough, so over the course of the movie it slowly loosened and fell, and I ended up with an enormous pile of yarn barf that took me a good three hours and two knots in my perfect skein (grrrr) to sort out. Not pretty and very bad words were said.

In the end the yarn did come out terrific, but I was dismayed to find that the skein I just plied is quite a bit finer than the previous three skeins. Probably not a shock, since I am a new spinner, but it may throw off my plans for the yarn. I'll have to wash all four hanks and see what happens to them when they've dried. I do have one bump left of this roving as a backup if I need it, so no need to panic (yet). I can't tell you what my plans are, since the intended recipient reads my blog, but if you look at the yarn in my Ravelry stash, you'll see the pattern mentioned in the comments. I think she'll love it.

And because y'all asked for it, a photo of Spring Vines modeled by me. Forgive the conformational flaws - I'm 42 - cut the bitch some slack. ;-)

That is one damn fine top. Yessir, one damn fine top.


annie said...


it's grand!!! can i order mine in green? (ducks.. runs..)


Linda said...

Be careful what you wish for...

... I just might send you a KIT for Christmas! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!