Friday, July 18, 2008

mission (mostly) accomplished

This morning I grafted the front and back of the Spring Vines top together. I worked and reworked the straps a couple of times until I finally just gave up and winged it until I felt like it was done. Carefully did the three-needle bind off to get the straps attached to the sides of the back neck and put the live leftover stitches onto a very long cable for safety. Stood in front of the big mirror, held my breath, closed my eyes, and slipped it over my head. Grabbed the side seams and held them together and sloooowly opened my eyes...

... looks fucking brilliant.

Tonight, we seam.
Tomorrow, we pickup and finish the edging on the neck.



Anonymous said...

Yeah! i hope to see it on thursday. And if i recall didn't she state to "wing it" in the intro/disclaimer?

Anonymous said...

see it on TUESDAY. ....
though you are welcome to see me on thursday too ;)

Annie said...

oh man... i love something fucking brilliant!

Tina M. said...

Wow. I'm in love, that is one sexy-momma top! I wish I had the figure to wear something like that. I'm looking forward to the action shots. :)