Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I feel like a knitting slacker!

I've been wandering around Ravelry this morning and I'm realizing that I've done nothing but knit stupid felted purses for a month! Gah! I promised an undisclosed number of them to a friend's shop by the end of October but they are seriously starting to suck the life out of me. Talk about boring knitting... egad. It's just knit knit knit knit around and around and around. The only "excitement" (and I use that term very loosely) is the occasional color change or short row design. I can't wait to be done with these damn things. What the heck was I thinking? I'm bored to death!

The only thing thats keeping me focused is the knowledge that as of the end of October my knitting will be all about me for awhile. I have so many projects queued up (and I even have the yarn for them!), but don't dare to cast on for anything - I can't afford to be distracted from the purses! If I bail on them now, I know I'll never get back to it, especially with something as delightful as Bee Fields waiting for me! And I'm going to try socks again. Really. I think the superwash wool that I spun will make really nice socks, if I can just decide what pattern to use. The plain rib I tried when I first attempted socks bored the crap out of me, which may have been part of the reason I lost interest.

And then there's my new wheel... I have her set up in the corner of the living room, across from my knitting chair, so I can view her at all times. This weekend I'll have time to unwrap her temporary repair and see what needs to be done. It's killing me to wait, but I don't want to get into anything during the week; by the time I get home, it's already pretty dark, and my vision in low light is just not what it used to be. *sigh*

I do have one exciting new project - Kath's sister is a painter, and she's considering doing a swap with me for one of her pieces! She wants a reddish-brown alpaca cardigan of undetermined, but probably lacy, design. Not only does this sound like a fun project to undertake, but I'll get to play with super yummy yarn. Bonus! Time to dig out the magazines, knitting books, and peruse Ravelry for the perfect designs for her to pick from. But I'll be steering her heavily towards something from Joan McGowan-Michael!

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Cheryl said...

Oh good, I don't feel too bad about missing knitting tonight then. I was feeling bad that I couldn't be there to take a look at the wheel. But I'll see it soon, I'm sure!