Friday, October 5, 2007

It's a spinning extravaganza!

I am just so thrilled with Ravelry....

I have a wheel!!! Zowieee!

Boogie of Spunky Eclectic had a spare, broken Babe wheel that she offered for free in the Beginning Spinners group on Ravelry. Three of us asked for it, and when the name was pulled from the hat, it was ME!! I am never ever lucky like that. Not lottery, nor door prizes, nor raffles - forget it, they'll never pick my number. But this time, this one wonderful time... I was lucky! I have a wheel!!

The Mister and I are headed up there tomorrow to pick her up. The ladies at Tuesday knitting circle are sure we can fix her up just fine. Aren't they wonderful? I'll take loads of pictures of the drive up and back (Maine in the fall... drool!!) as well as some shots of the wheel. Wait until you see her - it's a total scream. So a biker chick's wheel... just you wait. I may even dig out my biker gear for the first "spin". lol

While I was running in circles squealing about the wheel yesterday afternoon, I heard a truck pull up out front and a mystery package was delivered to our door. What could it be?

MY FLEECE!!!! My fleece is done!

I bought this half a fleece years and years ago at The Common Ground Fair and dropped it off with Pogo at Friends Folly Farm when I was at the Fair last month. I was expecting to not hear from them for at least 6 weeks, but here it is! All done!

And I guess I did a good enough job cleaning it because all I was charged for was carding. Are you ready for this? A whole $17, including shipping. Wow. For two glorious pounds of my very own chosen fleece. I have long since forgotten what breed it's from, but Pogo seemed to think it might be a Romney/Corriedale cross. Whatever it is, it's just lovely.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Before (this shot is from before I had even washed it):


It's everything I had dreamed it would be. It's soft and fluffy and all the colors a sheep can be - it's grey and brown and even has some black in it. It is going to be so beautiful. It's going to make the most wonderful heathery yarn. SQUEEEEE!!!!!

Now to have the nerve to dive in and spin it. This is definately getting spun on the wheel. No question.

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julia fc said...

What a dream! You're well on your way, baby.