Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitting, Acting, and other Diversions

The Pay it Forward thread is doing great! I got my three - Kyle, KT, and Annie. Kyle has his three, KT has (I think) two, and Annie still has three spots available, so if you want in, check out her blog and sign up! Go! Do it now! You know you want to.

Knitting is going painfully slow. I'm a slow knitter - none slower - but the Rogue is killing me. The combination of over 200 stitches (my gauge is off, so I had to go with the largest size to get size M - 39" - measurement) and having to knit into the back of each stitch to form the hem is slowing me down even further. I've gotten all of 10 rows done and it's totally killing me. :-( But I will persevere! I want this sweater bad!

The lace is going even slower. I have managed on average 1-2 rows per day, but it's only a drop in the bucket. I'm getting more comfortable with the whole lace knitting thing, but it still required absolute quiet and NO interruption so I don't get off track. And full daylight. Ah well. I'd show you how I'm doing, but nothing looks worse than unblocked lace. I think I see the pattern, but who the heck knows. ;-) Heh.

Okay, the acting part of the title of this post. I have, amazingly enough, been asked to do another staged reading! Huzzah! Now, granted, the asking party was my husband, who is directing, but it was seconded by the other actors and at least one of the folks who's in charge of the project, so I'm fairly certain the decision didn't involve any "casting couch" activities - intentional or not! ;-) So on Saturday, December 17th at 10am I can again be seen embarrassing myself in public at the North Shore Readers Theater Collaborative in Newburyport. Check out the link for all the details. Not only is it a fun time, but you get to tell the actors/director/writer what you thought and as an added bonus you can spend the rest of the day shopping and eating in beautiful Newburyport!

While you're at the NSRTC webiste, make a note of January's offering. It is going to be one incredible event, as it is the world premier of the stage version of The Baghdad Prom: From Conversations with Iraqi Writers and Playwrights. The website links to a YouTube preview of the film. It's going to be an amazing reading and I highly recommend making the trip down to Marc Clopton's theater space in The Tannery. You know darn well you have nothing better to do on a Saturday in January.

This weekend I am dedicating myself to stalking my downstreams' websites to find out what best to gift them with. This is going to be way too much fun! I just love researching and finding/making the perfect gift for someone. Wheee! I may get so Christmasy afterwards that I start decorating the porch. With the snow we're due on Sunday, I may have no choice but to start feeling the holiday spirit. Either that or pack up the cat and all my knitting paraphenalia and head to Key West...

Also upcoming this weekend is another chance at the Alpaca Farm Open House event at Parker River Alpacas. And, another chance to buy those amazing socks!! I have rehearsal on Saturday, but I'm optimistic that I can get there on Sunday (to at least buy socks, if they aren't spinning as well). I'm dying to try the merino/silk roving that my Secret Pal gifted me, and then there's the Apple Butter roving that I have got to get going on for Kath's Christmas gift (Kath, don't read that last bit, ok?).

Hey, get me... "I have rehearsal on Saturday".

Heh. ;-)

And because I hate making you sit through a post without any pictures, here's a shot of something pretty dear to me. The Mister and I bought a lime tree when we first moved in together, to remind us of our beloved Key West, and every fall is blesses us with a few, cherished limes. And here's our first lime baby as a married couple...


KT said...

I actually have all three of mine with two from my LJ feed. :)

I'm wearing my Rogue right now. Let me assure you it is everything you've ever wanted in a sweater and that it is a joy to knit...once you get to the cable-y goodness.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I only have 2 of mine so far... :( there's room for one more person to be spoiled back on that post if anyone is interested :)

keep crankin' out the knitting - I find that a quick stint of some fast knitting (hats, scarves, etc) makes me feel better about my slowness.... but I understand what you're sayin! :)