Monday, November 26, 2007

The post with no pictures at all. :-(

While on vacation last week, The Mister finally had occasion to wear his Liam sweater - and he took each and every one of them! He loves that sweater so much. If you have been tuning in for awhile, you'll know that I gave him the pattern for Christmas last year, we bought the yarn in NYC after New Years, and I finished it just before our wedding in May. Unfortunate timing for a cashmere/merino cabled sweater! lol!!

It makes me so proud to see him wearing it. I can't believe I actually did that. wow.

In other knitting news, not only did I swatch for the Rogue sweater I've been promising myself, but I have washed the swatch. Yes, I actually washed a swatch. I'll wait while you pick yourselves up off the floor....

The swatch is drying on the dining room table even as we speak, and I believe I'm within 1/2 a stitch over 4 inches - which means I'll throw caution to the wind and wing it. I'm so excited to start this sweater! I've been dying to start another sweater, but which sweater to start has been torturing me. Every design I picked out required a yarn I didn't have in the stash. And, it being so close to the holiday season (and second semester bills being due for The Boy's education, but I digress) there's no way I can justify more yarn for my own projects. So I dug through the archives and found something that not only did I really want to knit, but I had bought the yarn for it almost a year ago. A Rogue is born!

I've also been keeping up on my at-least-one-row-a-day promise to myself on the Bee Fields shawl and it's going very well. I'm up to row 26 and it's actually starting to look like... something. ;-) I am going to try to sit down every morning before work and do at least one row while the light is good. After work there's just no way my eyes are up for it. Over the weekends I'm confident I can get in 4-6 rows before a.) my eyes cross, or b.) I freak out and run from the house screaming.

Other random fun things to report - our friend Josiah graduates this Thursday as a Massage Therapist (way to go! you rock!); The Mister has one, possibly two, new directing projects (the one that's a definite is the North Shore Reader's Theater Collaborative in December); I may have another acting gig (details to follow); and last but certainly not least, The Boy is coming here over his Christmas holiday!!! Whooo hoooo!!! It's always so cool when he comes to visit, the upstairs neighbors actually lament his leaving and miss the sound of acoustic guitar wafting up through the floorboards at night! Heh - imagine how we feel about it! And it's only 3 weeks away!

Uh oh... three weeks away....

I gotta knit him something...

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