Sunday, February 10, 2008

A great day for knitting

Today in New England we're enjoying a Weather Sampler Platter of rain, hail, snow, sunshine, and gale force winds. What fun! A day of uninterrupted knitting!

I sat down this morning, bound and determined to finally finish the body of Rogue. I'd been putting it off due to issues with one of the multiple increase stitches but I sat down this morning and, with Julia's notes in hand (thanks dahling!), I finally got it done.

I seamed the shoulders using the Woven Shoulder Seam from
The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman. I carry this book in my knitting bag wherever I go. It's indispensable. And the seams came out great!

Hmmm... I guess it's safe to take out those lifelines now, eh? ;-) I use lots of lifelines, even in sweaters, because of my math impairment. No matter how clear the instruction are (and the notes for this sweater are quite comprehensive) at some point I will have the wrong number of stitches on the wrong row. Guaranteed. Fortunately, I've learned to be more relaxed with my knitting and figure that as long as I have the right number of stitches and the right number of rows in the end, it's not quite so important how I got there. If I have 22 stitches 4 rows before I'm supposed to on the shoulder, I'll just keep knitting in plain stockinette until the number of rows agrees with the pattern. This is knitting, not brain surgery. Don't Panic.

The real test was trying it on, and it fits great. I'm very, very pleased. Now on to the hood!

In other knitting news I've finished another Lizard Ridge panel and have made good progress on Kyle's Knit it Forward gift. I even think I have a good idea for each of the ladies on my list - I'll cast on for one of their's later this week.

I can't show you Kyle's, obviously, but here's the panel:

The Spring issue of Interweave Knits arrived in Friday's mail and, beyond some intriguing ads and Julia's fabulous Ravelings column at the back, I was unimpressed. I think it's just me - I am always stumped by what I could possibly knit that would be spring or summer compatible. The Bleeding Hearts Stole is very nice, but the other sweaters and tops are just know...

....young... *sigh*

Possibly I am just a terrible old fart when it comes to patterns. I despise 3/4 sleeves, and anything cropped just looks sad on a 40-something. Well, at least on this 40-something. I feel like those 80-year-old ladies who just can't give up dying their hair black. Just pathetic. I think I'll stick with my cabled sweaters and just knit socks or something for the summer months. Maybe a nice lightweight mobious cowl for chilly evenings. I don't like wearing sleevless things anyways... if I'm not worrying that my arms look fat, I'm burning to a crisp from the sun. If I could just get all those freckles to cooperate with one another and turn into a nice, even tan.

Bah. Humbug.


Tina M. said...

Oh you're not the only one on the IK issue. As I heard it put, this issue is solely for the "TTT" group: Thin, Trendy & Twenty. I was particularly non-plussed at to what they were thinking with this one. Can we say "variation on a theme"?

Your Rogue is looking wonderful, I can't wait to see it when it's done! I'm thinking of making the Eris sweater at some point in the future, not sure if I want to do it as a cardi or the full sweater, but I'm sure I'll figure it out by the time I'm ready.

I'm looking forward to spring, are you?

The Gadabout Knitter said...

Rouge looks awesome so far! It looks like it will be so comfy too. :) I can't wait to see it finished!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Rouge is looking fantastic, and the Lizard Ridge colorways are just beautiful. Gotta love those weather patterns that provide uninterrupted knit yus?

Joan said...

The new IWK was a snooze for me too, except the Cobweb Lace Shawl. I'd love to do that.

Lizard Ridge progress is amazing!!

PS: I am the new admin of the New England Knits webring & after housecleaning it, you should now be able to cruise thru it easily. ;-} LMK if you run into any problems.