Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Week 4 = Project 4

Well, I did it. Four projects in four weeks. *phew*

This week's FO is a trio of Lizard Ridge panels!

I now have 13 panels finished. I need about 30-35 for a queen-size blanket. Depressing, isn't it? Good thing they're so dang much fun to knit!

It was fun to get so many projects started and finished this month, but I think next month's personal challenge will be a little more free-form. February's challenge is...

In February I will knit something for all three of my Knit if Forward members!

Isn't that exciting? Now I just need to make up my mind about what I want to knit for each of them. They're all such different people! What fun!


The New Works Festival came and went and I'd say it was a pretty successful venture. I didn't screw up my lines, I didn't fall down or trip over anything... I'd say I did a smashing job. ;-) I only went to the one night (Thursday) but I know that on that night they sold out the house! There was even an angry mob (okay, irritated group) of people outside the theater who couldn't get tickets! Even better than my own little piece was getting to see my friend Hailey's piece performed. It was awesome! Way to go Hailey!

The Mister had a pretty big evening himself. He hasn't been out and about much in the theater community in awhile, but apparently they've been waiting for him - he came away from the show with a screenplay and three scripts to read! lol!! Damn Directors. I feel so upstaged... ;-)

Yarn and Stashing

I've been a little overwhelmed by yarn this winter. Yarn for Christmas, yarn at Christmas... and damn little knitting being done with it all. I have a bazillion plans, mind you, but when am I ever going to have time to knit it all? While lamenting my hoard, having just left an order for a bag of JoJoLand with the LYS, The Mister had some encouraging words of wisdom. His thought was this:

It's not yarn in your stash - it's potential.

Every skein of yarn you have has unlimited potential - it could be anything; a baby hat, a lace scarf, mittens, that White Lies Design you've been dreaming off, or maybe an Annie Modesitt... and in that state of not-yet-being, it has all this additional value. Because once you've actually knit it, that's what it is - the potential is lost.

Isn't that interesting?


yarnophiliac said...

The Mister has a fabulous outlook on life and stash. I may have to steal that line for an add! ;) As for the acting -- bravo! You sure have caught the bug! We'll have to chat on that more sometime. I'll bet you are crossing paths with some of my old friends.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

you have to feel really good about completing so much knitting in January! I'm proud of you! :)