Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

This has been one crazy year, full of beginnings, movement, transitions. Phew! And I don't think it's going to settle down anytime soon.

The wedding was the big deal for this year. Alot of damn work, but gosh we did have a great time. I haven't gotten as much knitting done as I wanted (well, who has?) but I did learn to spin and that was a big deal. I've hooked up with an amazing, supportive, FUN group of knitters and spinners here in town which has brought me great new friendships. My family is well and healthy. The Mister has finally gotten the job of his dreams. Yup, all in all it's been a great year!

Looking forward to next year, we still have alot to do to get where we want to be. Paying off our debt, purchasing a house, and getting me more time to knit are on this year's agenda. If you're going to dream, dream big! :-)

The Mister had a good idea for a knitting resolution, which I think I'm going to take on. One Finished Object a Week for a Year. I thought it sounded terribly ambitious at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I've been whining about all those single or paired skeins of yarn lying around, and how it would be nice to have a store of FOs for gifting... and I'm perfectly willing to adapt the One FO Per Week so that two socks (or mittens) counts as two weeks if necessary, without it feeling like cheating. In a pinch, I'm even willing to count felted cat toys (hey, I'm not proud, and neither am I a Superwoman). So what do you think? Who wants to play along??

Another thing that makes the idea appealing, is that on New Year's Eve we found out that we're expecting a grandbaby! The Mister's step-daughter and her husband are pregnant! We'll know the gender next month sometime, but whoever it is, they're due to arrive in July. Wow. I'm still reeling, thinking of myself as a grandma at 41. Eep. I can tell The Mister is still taking it all in as well; he's been awfully quiet about the whole thing since we found out. I'm figuring he'll probably make it into the weekend before having a total meltdown. ;-)

But, that means lots of tiny, quick projects - booties, hats, baby sweaters, etc. I've already started filling my Ravelry queue with the obvious things like the PeaPod Set, Baby Surprise Jacket, Tulip Jacket, etc. Thinking about baby-friendly yarns that I'll actually want to knit with is going to be a bit harder. Thankfully it's a summer baby, so cotton is an easy pick. And I think I'm the only knitter this baby's got, so the field is wide open! heh!

Gad. A grandbaby.

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The Gadabout Knitter said...

Congrats on your soon-to-be grandma status! :)

Mmm.. I'd like to play along with the one FO a week, but seeing that usually I find it difficult to get one out in a month... well, maybe one every two weeks?