Saturday, January 12, 2008

of Peace Fleece, eagles, and cool gifts

We're getting ready for a big winter storm Sunday night, but for today it was all about spring-like weather! It was so lovely out this morning, The Mister and I decided to walk down to the center of town (about 2 miles) to have a late breakfast. We stopped at the end of the road where you have a good view of Maudsley State Park to watch the bald eagles for awhile. This morning we counted only three juveniles , but one of them flew right over our heads at about tree height so we got a *really* good view of him. Lovely. I still can't get over how big they are. I can't wait until the adults start arriving. They usually get here in February, at which point you can hardly throw a rock without hitting several sitting in trees, soaring over the river, fishing by Deer Island - it's quite a sight!

On the way back, our mail carrier stopped us on the road to give me a package: my Ravelry swap yarn! I love Ravelry so much. This time I've swapped a large quantity of Araucania Nature Wool that turned out to be too thin for what I wanted, for 8 skeins of Peace Fleece in Volgasippi Blue.

I love this yarn so much. And it's from Porter, Maine, near where I spent my summer's growing up, so it's extra special.

And the "cool gift" part of the title? The Most Wonderful Miss Kath brought by a little goodie that she found for me online...

Isn't that cool? It's an etched shot glass from Bread and Badger's Etsy shop. I ask you - what's not to love about Etsy?? Now if I could just find that nip of B&B that Santa left in my stocking...

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