Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 1 = Project 1

I had to switch gears mid-week, but I did it! One week, one project.

Pattern: Vine Lace Baby Hat by Sandi Wiseheart
Yarn: about half a skein of Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK in peach
Needles: US3

I did the newborn size and I think it's just about right. It's being modeled here, unstretched and unblocked, on a medium-sized grapefruit. I love this lace pattern so much, and the decreases in this pattern are brilliant.

So, there it is. One week, one project. Now it's back to the entrelac scarf I started New Year's Day. My goal is to finish that for next week's project. I'm just getting into the third skein of four, so I should make it. Also, having done the pattern for a while now, it's becoming almost automatic. Great for TV knitting.

In other news... I'm embarrassed to admit that I received more yarn in the mail today. I had totally forgotten about my late night shopping trip to Discontinued Yarns during their recent Cherry Tree Hill sale. It's not as bad as you might expect... I only got 4 skeins. But Oooo what skeins!

Two skeins of Wool in the Woods Capri in "Monet" for a baby sweater, and...

...two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Jumbo Gems superwash merino fingering weight yarn. 420 yards per skein! And did you see the colorway of the top skein? "Key West Waters" - well, I mean... I *had* to have that, didn't I? :-)

Kyle asked where my Mom got all that Cashsoft yarn. Kyle, I wish I knew! Something about her hairdresser's son. I can only assume he scored at an auction, possibly for a yarn store going out of business. Although I prefer to picture a scene from the Sopranos; big burly guys with bent noses and New Jersey accents selling my grey-haired Mom all this yarn that "just fell off this truck in front of my Uncle Lou's place..." heh!

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Zaz said...

oh i knit this one! in navy as it was for my toddler then nephew, didn't go fast? geez!
ps: i had knit him the hat in one skein in rasberry and they all said it was pink and did not want to have hil wear it :(