Friday, March 14, 2008

Rescue 100 - Soapbox alert

*begin soapbox*

I've recently become addicted to reading Fugly Horse of the Day, and last week there was a story that just killed me. A breeder of Polish Arabian horses in Canada had his entire herd of 101 horses seized by authorities for abuse and neglect. You can read the whole sad story here. When they got to the farm they found 27 dead horses and 101 in terrible condition - so bad that 4 more died in the following days. The whole herd was slated to go up for auction, meaning that most likely the majority would have ended up at the slaughterhouse. Thanks to Fugly and others, the Canadian Arab world got together and saved them all. They are currently undergoing rehab at Keno Hills, a large farm nearby, and will eventually be adopted out to good homes.

In the meantime, a foundation has been set up to care for them - Rescue 100 - and they need help. If you live in Canada in the Alberta area, think about volunteering some time. Or hay. Or grain. Whatever you have.

If you're like me and nowhere near Alberta, consider sending some cash. They're accepting checks now and will shortly have a PayPal account set up to accept donations.

This kind of story just breaks my heart. Kudos to all involved in saving these animals, but isn't it sad that the only reason these horses are getting such a great opportunity for a second chance is because of their value. If these were plain old backyard breeders, they'd already be at the auction, with most going to slaughter.

*end soapbox*

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