Friday, March 28, 2008


Late yesterday I decided to give myself the day off. Turned out to be a good plan since it snowed nearly all day. Real winter snow, not that wimpy spring crap, no siree! So I spent the time in worthwhile pursuit - wrestling my knitting demon...


I hate seaming. I hate seaming with a fiery passion that is fiery. But I love knitting sweaters. Go figure.

So I got up, had my coffee, put in a load of laundry, and set to. I worked almost non stop from about 9:30 until just now - so about 6 hours. And here's what I've got.

Both sleeves hemmed, both sleeves seamed, one sleeve attached to the body. Note the Knit Klips (a recent purchase and my new favorite item), The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman, and a towel for a)throwing in a tantrum and/or b) mopping up tears. ;-)

The thing about seaming, apart from it being much too much like sewing and very little like knitting, is that it's the moment when I have to admit that I'm getting older. The eyes just do not focus very well anymore on something as fine as seaming. I think it's time to think about one of those clamp-on-the-edge-of-the-table magnifying light thingies. It's that or bifocals. :-(

But all in all I think I did a fine job. The hemming was not as bad as I'd feared and actually goes pretty quickly - it's a lot like weaving in ends when you think about it. Just don't remind me that I still need to do the entire bottom edge. And I had to tear out one side of the sleeve to fix a pucker, but other than that it went pretty smoothly. Slowly, but smoothly. And if I do say so myself, that's a damn fine seam...

Yes sir, a damn fine seam.

Now where's my martini...

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Annie said...

Cheers! You did a great job.

Phew.. 6 hours is a long time to seam. No wonder nobody likes doing it. I can hardly wait to see a finished picture of the finished garment!